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SCIATICA, Smoking Cessation, Trigger Finger, Low Back Pain, Hormonal Imbalance

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Case study for sciatica, trigger finger, smoking cessation, low back pain, and hormonal imbalance

36 year old woman presents with trigger finger in her right little finger, low back pain in the lumbar region due to scoliosis, left side sciatica, and hormonal imbalance. She has smoked for 10 years and is attempting to quit smoking and looking for smoking cessation methods using acupuncture. 

Acupuncture to Help Quit Smoking
carpal tunnel; woman hand
shoulder pain on woman
smoking cessation woman

Treatment Plan Summary

7/19/2019- Patient came in presenting with the symptoms above.

7/22/2019- Patient no longer has back pain, she has not experienced sciatic pain since the last treatment, her trigger finger is still feeling tense and locks on occasion but less than before her treatments began, she is feeling well rested.

7/24/2019- Patient no longer has back pain and is able to sit for longer periods of time without tension, or sciatic pain, her trigger finger has not locked or felt tight since her last treatment, she has not had any headaches since the last treatment. Patient has noticed less bloating and distention.  She no longer craves smoking but will think about it on occasion when it comes the time of the day that she usually smoked in the past.

8/7/2019- Patient no longer craves smoking as much as before treatment.  Her trigger finger began locking occasionally but there is no pain.

8/9/2019- Patient is feeling dull pain on her low back as her period is set to begin soon.  She has not had any headaches and she has begun to forget to smoke during the times in her past schedule when she used to habitually smoke.

8/14/2019- Patient has had an improvement in her trigger finger and it is no longer sensitive.  Her bowel movements are more regulated and are less loose than before. She is averaging 2 cigarettes a day but she feels less of a need to smoke.

8/16/2019- Patient no longer has back pain or migraines.  She feels less desire to smoke throughout the day and her bowel movements are more regulated.  She has more restless legs recently.

8/30/2019-Her smoking has gone down to 1-2 cigarettes on certain days only when she is triggered by watching a show that has someone smoking or when she sees someone else smoking in person.  If this does not occur, the patient does not feel the need to smoke and forgets to smoke.  Patient’s skin has been appearing brighter and more even toned.  Her back pain recently came back due to the fact that she is due to start menstruation soon. She feels that her legs are more swollen due to her premenstrual symptoms and she also experienced a right temporal migraine due to pre menstruation. Patient’s trigger finger will only occasionally lock when she exacerbates it when moving it in the “wrong” way.

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