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One of the most commonly known and used spices in Asia and India is turmeric- and it is no surprise that this beautiful spice is commonly argued to be one of the most powerful herbs on the planet!

It is commonly known for its bright orange color and for being able to help with inflammation in the body, but did you know that there are over 10,000 peer reviewed studies of turmeric that are showing it is able to do even more!

Photo Credit: Bodybuilding.com
Photo Credit: Bodybuilding.com

Some interesting facts about Turmeric:


  • A compound found in Turmeric called “Curcumin” is what causes the beautiful, vibrant orange/yellow color


  • Curcumin is what is the component of Turmeric that has become very well known for its anti-inflammatory properties


Turmeric taken on a regular basis in meals can be incredibly beneficial, but in order to get the best results from this powerful spice, Healing with Zen recommends Turmeric Forte from Standard Process.


Turmeric Forte has a combination of supplements in this capsule in order to help your body absorb more of the nutrients- “In a clinical study, the curcumin- fenugreek fiber extracted formulation had 24.8 times the bioavailability of an equivalent amount of unformulated curcuminoids”!

This supplement is known as the “Triple Action Inflammatory Response” Supplement, because not does it help decrease inflammation in the body, it is able to also help support liver health, and is filled with antioxidants!

“MediHerb® Turmeric Forte:

  • supports a healthy inflammation response


  • used traditionally to maintain and support healthy joints


  • provides antioxidant activity


  • supports a healthy response to environmental stressors


  • supports healthy liver function


  • used traditionally to support healthy digestion* ” – Standard Process


Make sure to always consult a doctor or your acupuncturist before adding supplements into your diet to ensure that you are taking the correct amounts of supplements and the correct type of supplements!


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