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Vertigo & Dizziness

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Here at Healing with Zen a 43 year old female came into our office because of severe vertigo and dizziness. This vertigo and dizziness was exacerbated after going on a cruise vacation. She normally experiences severe bought 1 time per year, however it has been more common this year. One neurologist diagnosed vestibular migraines. While another neurologist diagnosed Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). Tinnitus daily when experiencing dizziness and floaters. Left side is worse.
Her last bout was one month prior to seeing us, 6/18/19 and it happened after her menses. Her severe vertigo lasted for 3 days. Accompanied with splitting headache for 3 days, and the dizziness lasted 3 weeks total.
Her vertigo is usually accompanied by slight headache.

Dates of treatment:

7/29/19  Initial treatment, Dizziness is severe 9/10


8/5 – Patient notices difference and wants to be more aggressive with treatments and do 3 treatments per week

8/7 – Patient reports she is able to do light yoga now. Dizziness 5/10


8/12 – 6th treatment- Dizziness level 3/10. Patient is hopeful.




8/21 – 10th treatment patient states her dizziness is down to 1/10. She is able to move quicker and change positions which she couldn’t before. She feels “exponentially better”.
Patient will continue treatments and start scaling down to 1-2x/week until we feel ready to space out treatments further.


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