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What is Balance Method Acupuncture?

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Balance Method Acupuncture

Here at Healing with Zen, our acupuncturists practice Balance Method Acupuncture.

What is this method? Well, as shown above, it is a fast and effective form of acupuncture that produces instant results using distal needles. This means needles are not put in the site of pain, but usually on the opposite hand, foot or limb. This method is used because pain in a certain location may mean there is inflammation in that area. For example, if a patient were to come in for neck pain, the acupuncture needles would be put in the opposite ankle or hand.

Our patients usually notice an improvement in their pain levels and range of motion while in the office!

Even though Balance Method is very effective for pain relief, it can be used for numerous health issues, ranging from digestive complaints, migraines, high blood pressure, chronic health issues, hormonal imbalances, insomnia, stress relief and more.

To stay up to date on acupuncture and better ways to help our patients heal, our acupuncturists are always going to seminars to learn and improve.

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