Skin Issues

Do you suffer from skin issues? At Healing with Zen we have many ways to heal this. Browse our case studies and videos below to find the service you’d like to book. Need advice? Scroll to the bottom of this page and fill out the form!


If you are looking for long-lasting solutions to your skincare issues, look no further. Chinese Medicine encourages your skin to recover and rejuvenate naturally as opposed to forcing changes that may result in allergic reactions and swelling. 



At Healing with Zen, we use a variety of methods to treat your symptoms. Click below to explore these different services and decide what’s right for you.


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What’s in Skincare? Toxic Ingredients

What Toxic Ingredients are in Skincare? When browsing the skincare aisle at your local store, be sure to be an informed consumer.  The skin absorbs 60-70 percent of whatever is applied onto it which makes it very important to identify skin loving ingredients versus those that do more harm than

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What’s in Skincare? Fragrance

What Toxic ingredients are in Fragrance? Perfumes is a tricky product for conscious consumers especially in the United States. Under the FDA, fragrance (a commonly used ingredient in perfumes and body care) is a word that can mean multiple different ingredients. Fragrance is comprised of multiple secret ingredients that are protected

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Skin Health Supplements

Summer UV rays can damage and age your skin. You probably protect yourself from the outside with a high SPF sunscreen, but are you protecting your skin from the inside? These whole food supplements by Standard Process can help you promote skin recovery and slow the effects of aging. Regeneplex

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Skin Care Ingredients To Clear Heat & Cool The Body

The Summer Cool Down Series Part I: Skin care ingredients   Welcome to our Summer Cool Down Series. In this series we introduce ingredients that you should look out for in your skin care for face and body that are going to help you keep cool in the summertime. Read

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Gotu Kola Complex – Skin health and Tissue repair

Product of the Month: Gotu Kola Complex A supplement for Skin health and Tissue repair What is Gotu Kola Complex? Gotu Kola Complex is a unique combination of Gotu Kola leaf and concentrated extracts of Grape seed and Ginkgo leaf. Gotu Kola leaf Grape seeds Ginkgo leaves  What is GotuKola

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Dry Skin From Within

Looking to relieve dry skin? Look no further! Most people suffer from dry and flaky skin during the winter season and the majority will find that slathering on large amounts of lotion can be beneficial to ease the symptoms of dryness for a few hours. However, Chinese Medicine views the

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Digestive System and the Skin

Have you ever suffered from chronic acne or redness only in one area of the face? Oftentimes, the Stomach and digestive system is responsible to be the root of several skin issues. Since the stomach is principally in charge of processing and digesting food, it is also easily prone to

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Acupuncture for Acne & Skin Disorders

Are you dealing with acne or other skin disorders? Acupuncture can help! Not only for acne, but also rosacea, eczema, melasma, and more! Read through our amazing blog posts where we share everything from tips, tricks, to treatment & preventative care: Dry Skin from Within Digestive System & The

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Acne, Rash & Skin Issues

Acne, Rash, & Skin Issues I really enjoyed my sessions here with Vanessa. I had extreme itchiness all over my body and wanted to resolve it as soon as possible. It was my first time having an acupuncture session so I was a bit nervous but Vanessa and Josie gave

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