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Which Supplements An Acupuncturist Takes & Why?

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Which Supplements An Acupuncturist Takes & Why?

Licensed acupuncturist and herbalist Zen Tuan of Healing with Zen divulges her supplement regime and explains why she takes all of these items daily. Learn how herbs and whole food supplements can support a healthy lifestyle & well-functioning body! 

What Supplements Does Our Founder Zen Tuan Take?

In this video Zen Tuan Discusses which supplements that she uses in her everyday life. She also shares a little bit about whole food nutrition and why she take all the things that she takes. Zen takes our whole food nutritional supplements and for instance they come
in little bottles and she will spend about 10 to 15 minutes every two weeks or so packing little baggies so that they’re easy and ready for her when she is on the go.
The supplements she takes every single day and has been doing it for about five or six years are as follows: cod liver oil, Catalan, Calcium, Echinacea, Iron, and Probiotics.

Why Zen Selected The Supplements She Takes

The specific supplements that Zen takes are cod liver oil it’s always important to good omega-3s omega-6s in your diet she chooses cod liver because they also have a good amount of vitamin A and D. She also has a general whole food supplement called Catalan and that’s your basic all-around nutritional supplement. In addition she stated that a lot of times people are not eating to the best of their abilities just because they’re on the go they don’t have time to cook or just their options around. Zen also takes  calcium especially after an exercise just to help with muscle contraction and and alleviating any tight muscles. Another supplement is  echinacea echinacea which is good just to boost my immune system. The last supplement is a probiotic  for your gut the lower intestines and the flora. She recommends taking antibiotics because you’re clearing everything out of the gut. 

All of our Acupuncturists here at Healing with Zen can also prescribe a custom herbal formula that is catered to your specific need.

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