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Zypan & Digestive Herbs to help with Bloating, Gas & Irregular bowels

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Zypan & Digestive Herbs to Help With Bloating, Gas, & Irregular Bowels

This product is great for those who tend to burp or experience acid reflux after meals. The stomach is the most acidic part of the body because it produces Hydrocholoric acid, which breaks down proteins upon consumption. With having a poor diet or a stressful lifestyle, our stomach may fail to produce enough Hcl to properly break down foods when we consume them.

Because Zypan is made from whole food ingredients, it can be taken by anyone. Contrary to your typical antiacid which masks the production of Hcl that is needed to break down proteins, Zypan INCREASES the stomach’s ability to work properly. Thus with continued use, your stomach can actually become stronger in producing it’s own Hydrochloric acid.

 Zypan supports healthy digestion and absorption of proteins. It also contains enzymes that help digest fats and carbohydrates too. Betaine hydrocholoride, unique to Zypan, helps maintain healthy hydrocholoric acid levels in the stomach, which further aid in protein digestion. It may also protect the GI from harmful microorganisms (in other words, rotten foods or microorganisms that may cause your stomach to be upset). Zypan contains pancreatin 3x which is coated with fatty acids, allowing the enzymes to be digested in the correct area of the digestive tract.

In the video below, we test if your body needs Zypan using our Digestive Health Exam.

If you would like to try a bottle of Zypan for yourself, you can now order it online through this link.


Did you know that Chinese herbs can be even more effective for digestion? Not only can herbs relieve your digestive symptoms, but it can treat the root cause of why you have the symptoms to begin with. When you are able to delve deeper into the underlying reason for your gas, boating or digestive discomforts, you are less likely to have reoccurrences and less likely to need support in the future.

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